Aid in the construction of the center CAVEZZO 5.9

This project founded by a group of entrepreneurs, is a metropolitan shopping center (Cavezzo 5.9) referred to a container complex designed as a metropolitan mall Boxpark already existing in London and which has gained much interest. In Italy, it would be the first of its kind. The idea took shape and the project “Cavezzo 5.9”, was started, the number 5.9 representing the official magnitude of the quake. The town of Cavezzo together with associations become active part in this project, they deserve credit for having carried out the paper work.

What is Cavezzo 5.9?

The structure was placed in the main square, where every Sunday is held the historical market of Cavezzo, with a flow of 7000 / 10,000 people. The complex consists of 16 commercial activities (Sponsored by entrepreneurs who have lost everything in the earthquake), organized in 33 sea containers (used) of 40 feet each, which have been restored, with internal insulation, cutting and assembly, fitted with a door window, an electrical system, air conditioned for the summer and heated in winter. Placed side by side or one above the other, to form a new commercial complex, young and innovator. On the ground floor businesses were positioned : clothing, footwear haberdashery, florist, beauty, ice cream, hair styles, service to businesses, while at the top, on the first floor, we find the activities: pizza, spaghetti and bars, with access to a large roof terrace.

Operational reports

Saturday morning 10 November 2012 the Civil Defence volunteers S.O.M.S.J started to work and collaborate coordinated by the site manager appointed to the realization of the roofing of the future shopping center 5.9 of Cavezzo.

The operation was carried out for the whole day on Saturday, and closed at 20.00, as it was becoming dangerous to operate on the wet containers because of the rain which made them slippery. After the first day of work, the volunteers of Civil Defence headed by the Coordinator S.O.M.S.J and Lieutenant Henry “Ferro” Ferrari went to dinner together.

The works resumed at 8:30 on Sunday, November 11, 2012 under a heavy rain lasting throughout the day, volunteers from the Civil Protection S.O.M.S.J have worked equally. Work on the site was completed at 18.30 allowing the people who came from far away to return to their families and those who had work shifts to not have to use some days off.

The operational activities of the volunteers of the Civil Protection S.O.M.S.J continued up to the completion of the center CAVEZZO 5.9, helping to give back dignity to work to those entrepreneurs who had lost everything.

Intervention pictures: