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 Mission of the Order

Mission of the Order The Order of St John of Jerusalem is one of the oldest institutions of Western  civilization. Present  in Palestine in around 1040, it is a  Ecumenical  religious Order,  traditionally  of  military,  chivalrous,  noble nature. Its 126,500 members include Professed  Friars and others  who have made the promise of obedience. The other Knights and  Dames  are  lay  members,  devoted  to  the  exercise  of  virtue  and  charity. What distinguishes  the   Knights  of  Malta   is  their  commitment  to  reaching   their   spiritual perfection  and  to  expending  their  energies serving the poor and the sick. The Order of Malta  remains  true  to  its  inspiring  principles,  summarised  in the  motto “Pro Fide Pro Utilitate  Hominum”, nurturing,  witnessing  and  protecting the faith and serving the poor and  the  sick representing  the Lord,  which  become  reality  through the voluntary work carried  out  by  Dames  and  Knights  in humanitarian  assistance  and  medical  and social activities. Today the Order carries out these activities in over 20 countries.

 Characteristics of the Order   The  Sovereign  Order of Malta is a sovereign subject of international  law,  with  its own  constitution and public institutions. The Order of Malta is neutral, impartial  and non – political,  which  is  why  it can  successfully  act  as a mediator between States.

The Order and the Republic of Malta The Order has recently returned to Malta. The Order   continued   the   domination   of   the   Mediterranean,   turning   the   island  into  a unassailable.   Only   Napoleon  and  betrayal   in  1798   was   able  to  capture  it  and  take possession  of  all  property  of  the Order. This episode was one of the less clear the history Hospitallers.  Behind  this  episode  began  the diaspora  (dispersion  of  a  population  in the world  after  the abandonment  of  the  premises  of  origin)  of  the  Knights, the Order was divided into many different orders. The most important were the Papal Order, and S.O.S.J. (Sovereign  Order  of  Saint  John  of  Jerusalem) who,  after  various wanderings  between Russia  and  the  United  States  resettled  in  Malta  in  1964 with the Priory of the Maltese Language  (1964 date of independence from England)  – 1970  transfer of the headquarters of the United States of America in Malta.

Wherever  they  settled,  the  Knights  Hospitallers  always  established  first a Hospital and Hospice  and  then,  if   they   needed  to,  built   defence   fortifications.  What  does  being a Hospitaller  mean  in  the Third Millennium? It means dedicating oneself to easing suffering and  to bringing the balm of Christian charity to the sick, anywhere in the world, not only in hospitals  but   also  in  private   homes  and  nursing homes in the shantytowns of destitute populations.  The  Order  does  not  only  dedicate  itself  to  the sick, but also to the socially isolated, the victims of persecution and the refugees of any race and religious faith