Health and peace to all men of good will


Spirituality of the Grand Prieuré Melitense
…… Knights of Malta ……

The high Spiritual values of a Knight are religious virtues, for which Religious Life and Living are the meaning of being religious. To be a Knight or a Dame is a gift for which … individual must strive for religious perfection. Enriched by the faith inherited from our predecessors, everyone should learn to “love, respect and coexist” with all men of good will who do not have the same beliefs or traditions. The formula of love and understanding between peoples promotes, on a common basis in the Union, an expression of life based on pure values, such as the values of cavalry and a state of mind that drive to love one’s neighbor in the theological understanding of supreme love for God and benevolence for the human species. The common desire for God, which has inspired the religions of all peoples, cannot be characterized by … diversity of language or the mode of worship or by the diversity of interpretation of sacred writings. One of the greatest mysteries of faith is rooted in the knowledge that despite … millions of different people in the world speaking different languages in different places at different times with different dogmas, but all pray … the same God. These are admirable sacrifices lavished for millennia by all ethnicities (Entities – Organizations) which profess faith, charity, tolerance, fraternity and compassion, reach us by the word of God

February  9th Year  of  Grace  2009

Salvo Francesco Callegaro